A Birthing Kaleidoscope ~ 8.27.17


In Raven’s words…

In the morning I would like to:

  • talk story—and use it to illustrate how decisions were made in my career as a birth worker
  • tell you who my teachers were and what they taught me
  • and talk about what one does with wisdom once it is earned
  • I am happy to address any pertinent birth subject that could and will arise
  • I am happy to teach you a few songs
  • I would enjoy introducing you to Chinese concepts about reproduction and about being feminine
  • It would be my pleasure to introduce you to Blessing Way and talk about its value
  • I am happy to impart my knowledge of using placenta as medicine
  • If we desire to engage in midwifery/doula shop-talk and cover subjects such as threatened miscarriage, pre-term birth, or hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, I am happy to advise practitioners on these subjects.
  • In the afternoon I would like a Round Table discussion among those of us attending, and if you desire that I  continue with narrative or the topics mentioned above, we can do that.

At this moment the content of this class is non-specific, because of the mixture of people, disciplines, and interests. What i am definitely planning on doing is imparting the importance of Spirit, no matter the subject. I am also hoping to share the amazing roots and accumulated knowledge of the midwifery movement in North American over the past 50 years.

Hope to see you and share our love of birthing,
of women, of babies, and of the miracle of life.

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